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The Arc of Clarke County is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to providing serves to and advocating for persons with intellectual disabilities in Clarke County, Alabama.

TACC is also a local chapter of The Arc/Alabama and the Arc/United States.

Since TACC's organization in 1973 by a group of concerned parents, TACC has developed an array of services for persons with developmental disabilities. These services are tailored to the individual needs of each person and structured to help them fulfill their individual preferences as well as assist them to attain their personal life goals. Therefore, TACC promotes options and opportunities, acceptance, independence and community inclusion for those we serve.

We believe that a community should include all members in order to be successful. By providing educational opportunities, exposure to choices and experiences that promote a healthy and vital community, TACC continually strives to fulfill our mission and our vision.

What are personal outcomes?

We all have them. We all have goals that we have set for ourselves. We want to get a good education. We want to have friends we can count on. We want to get a job and be healthy. We want to marry and have a family and purchase our own homes. We want to vacation and eventually retire. We make plans and set off in directions that will lead us to the goals we have set for ourselves. Our lives are centered around how we view ourselves and how we see our futures. This is true for everyone.

None of us reach our goals without support from others in some fashion. Some of us need support from our family and close friends to get through hard times. We might need an employment service to help us find a job or a financial advisor to help us plan for retirement. We rely on friend for leads to job opportunities. We go on blind dates set up by our families or friends. We reach our goals with help from others in one way or another.

The people supported by TACC are no different. They have goals just like everyone else and they need support just like everyone else. Our job, at TACC, is to provide or help develop the support they need.

But, we must go one step further. Historically, people with intellectual disabilities haven't been given the opportunities available to everyone. They have been denied the opportunities to work, buy homes and marry...the basic goals of life.

HOWEVER, that was then and this is now!

People are taking charge of their own lives and utilizing the opportunities available to them. TACC plays an important role in assisting people in this quest. TACC staff are educating people on their rights and how to set and reach their goals. And we are providing exposure to the variety of opportunities and choices that are available to all people. We don't only provide needed supports but we try to help the individual develop natural supports in the community that will assist in reaching their goal. In the long run, it is better to depend on one's circle of friends than an agency or service. While TACC is a friend to many, we do not want to be the only source of support. And we truly feel that it is an exciting adventure to see people grow and live the lives they choose.